How We Came To Be

How We Came To Be


The Mills Korner Inc., mentoring program is set as a program which provides direct and indirect services, such as counseling and/or involvement in positive activities, for children who may be exposed to adverse behavior(s). As a program, we work hand in hand with our local schools, counseling organizations, and other community services in an attempt to bring the resources of the community to help shoulder the critical issues of our young people in need of special attention, guidance, and direction.

The Mills Korner (TMK) provides at-risk middle and high school students with a community of highly-trained professional mentors and advisors who help each student to stay in school, excel in their academic curricula, and develop a life-map for present achievement and rewarding future careers.
Additionally, TMK enhances positive learning that has taken place in each child’s life while at the same time filtering out negative and limiting experiences to ensure greater success. TMK operates as a fully engaged programmatic model of sustainable change by introducing to every child enrolled in the program: school retention activities; individualized educational programs, career planning; volunteer opportunities; and social construction to navigate complex and challenging roads in life.

The mentoring, tutoring, athletic youth development, as well as life coaching is the path to success and life attainment. We encourage the child’s family to play an integral and supportive role throughout the process. TMK partners with families and schools to ensure children succeed academically, behaviorally and psychologically.

Another facet of The Mills Korner is training teachers and training the trainer. TMK helps educators by equipping them with 21st Century teaching modalities and techniques in the classroom so that all students realize their full potential.

Let The Mills Korner Mentor and SHAPE You


Your SHAPE is made up of:

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Heart
  • Abilities
  • Personality
  • Experiences
It’s what makes you, you! SHAPE is the way God wired you for your life.  Your SHAPE is yours alone.

Here’s What We Do

The Mills Korner is a nonprofit movement dedicated to presenting hope and helping our youth overcome obstacles to adversity through:
  • Mentoring
  • Personal Life Coach
  • Athletic Youth Empowerment
  • Proctoring
  • Tutoring
In this program, your teenager will be visited virtually or in-person at least three times  per month at school and/or home. The Life Skills to be covered include but are not limited to:
  • How to stay focused.
  • How to set goals and accomplish them.
  • How to deal with the pressures of life.
  • How to respect authority and still be yourself.
Other life skills your teenager will be taught that may prove to be beneficial as an adult.
  • How to look for a job and properly fill out an application.
  • How to enroll for college or trade school.
  • How to keep and maintain a job.
  • Learn the difference between a job and a career.


theMillsKorner MISSION

To establish and provide a solid fundamental foundation for at-risk and disadvantage youth ages 10-22 to close the achievement gap.

theMillsKorner VISION

Every young person must have a supportive relationship needed to nurture, grow and develop into thriving and productive adults.

theMillsKorner VALUES

To serve as leaders through the service of empowering others to become the best versions of themselves while the ultimate function is to impart knowledge and motivate through other mentors and shared life experiences.

Quality mentoring relationships are proven game changers for young people, especially those who are at-risk of falling off track. Mentoring connects a young person to personal, academic, social, and economic support and opportunities. This is known as The Effective Mentoring Process.

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