Koaches Korner

Over the past 25 plus years, Koach Kevin Mills has been assisting students, athletes, and young adults with planning for a meaningful, creative, and productive adult life.  His mission remains to establish and provide a solid fundamental foundation for disadvantaged-at-risk youth ages 10 – 21 with a community of professional mentors-koaches that will encourage and empower youth to stay in school, plan for future careers, and achieve a successful life.

Koach Mills began his tenure in teaching and koaching in 1993.  Shortly thereafter, The Mills Korner was established.  His early beginnings as an educator and koach set the manifesto, which allowed him to move forward in developing one of the earliest mentoring platforms designed to bring the power of effectively guiding disadvantage-at-risk youth across the San Gabriel Valley.  Success over years of imparting knowledgeable, stimulating, and motivating mentors to be triumphant with their mentees allowing The Mills Korner to come into fruition in 2019 and formulate a non-profit organization.

The Mills Korner continues to refine and evolve the mentor-mentee program to provide a highly interactive experience to more than 10,000 students who have spent over 200,000 hours completing our evidence-based curricular activities to help them succeed academically, behaviorally and personally.

With 1.2 million students dropping out of school each year, there is an elicit need for 16 million menace youth to receive mentorship.  Most importantly, at the high school, students on average are receiving 10-12 minutes per day of guidance counseling.  The Mills Korner is equipped with mentors-koaches of goodwill who continue to make an unwavering commitment to transforming the existence of today’s adolescences.  As we pursue excellence with the youth, we strive to inculcate the significance of education and garner the very best of our youth’s ability as a bridge to ensure each individual achieves success on their personal journey toward greatness.

The Mills Korner realized, using caring adult mentors that have experienced challenging childhood issues as many of their at-risk mentees have resulted in successful mentor-mentee relationships. Mentors spending one to two hours per week to actively listen, guide, koach, and support the mentee ensured the youth found avenues to be an academic achiever, as well as plan for a bright future.  The utilization of a community of mentors of like circumstances whom have “made-it-out” proved remarkably successfully for the mentee. It’s the relationships between youth and adults that help our children succeed!

“The first step toward creating an improved future is developing the ability to envision it. VISION will ignite the fire of passion that fuels our commitment to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to achieve excellence.”
– Tony Dungy

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