Making Of A Mentor

Most people would have trouble understanding the complexity of the day to day responsibilities of those whom koach in the inner city. The enormity of such an undertaking is duly noted throughout this website. I applaud each of you for accepting this great responsibility and for having the strength and patience to see it through. I have had the opportunity to be a Mentor, Koach, Teacher, Big brother, Uncle, and Father over the course of twenty plus years in Pasadena. Throughout, I have experienced the full gamut of disappointments and rewards that each of them had to offer. Keep in mind, 3 thoughts: (1) Everyone is responsible for his/her life with the knowledge that you are primarily in charge of what happens to you. (2) Working hard is no guarantee of success, but it gives you a chance to have a chance. (3) Anything less than all you’ve got to give is an admission of the lack of importance you’ve given to your mission and its ultimate success. One of the mentoring field’s great strengths is the diversity of programs and settings where mentors work with youth together. Mentoring has grown from being primarily a one-on-one community-based intervention to one that is delivered in a variety of settings and institutions (e.g., schools, clubs, clinical settings, online) and in myriad configurations (e.g., groups of youth working with one or more mentors, multiple adults working with one youth, mentor-mentee pairs working in a group setting). In many ways, each and every program is unique.

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The Mills Korner

“The most compelling manner a mentor may prepare another leader is to expose them to other great people. Seemingly, this allows him or her a chance to have chance. We will define Mentoring as the ability to be empathetic, to welcome challenge, to be motivated by a clear focus on goals, and help the individual to be a success in their own mind. A mentor is someone whom sees a little of himself in each individual he comes in contact with, yet, he sees more talent and ability within! Moreover, a mentor shows individuals how to endure adversity as well as how to overcome obstacles to progress and success…“
– Kevin Mills

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